Vehicle Use


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Our goal is to make the process of requesting reservations and checking or updating those requests as simple as possible. A basic overview of the Motor Pool's on-line vehicle reservation process is listed below. Just follow these three easy steps:
Step 1
Submit Request
Step 1 First, complete and submit the on-line new request form. Your reservation request is given the status of 'Pending' and you are assigned a reservation request ID. You will receive an email notifying you of your reservation request.
Step 2
Receive Confirmation
Step 2 Next, your reservation request will be processed and a vehicle assigned if available.  All attempts will be made to fulfill your reservation request. Most requests are responded to immediately. If the request can be fulfilled, then the reservation request is given the status of 'Approved'. You will receive an email notifying you of your reservation approval.
At any time, my schedule may be used to view the status of your reservation request(s) on-line. Additionally, you may cancel or request changes to your reservation request(s) yourself.
Note: If your reservation request is 'Rejected' or 'Canceled' then you will receive an explanation with your email response indicating the reason.
Step 3
Pick-up Vehicle
Step 3 Finally, pick-up your vehicle travel sheet and key at the SSC Information Desk during the school year and at the Student Life Programs office during the summer. You should be sure to review our policies (if you are not familiar with them) and our current vehicles and rates. If you need any further assistance, please contact us by email or by phone (during normal business hours
Vehicle Reservation Request After the vehicle is returned to the Motor Pool lot, please be sure to turn in your travel sheet and key immediately.