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Fleet Vehicle Use Policy

Purpose statement: The Cedarville University fleet exists to support and serve departmental program needs that represent appropriate institutional use. The fleet vehicles are not available for personal use or for rental by outside groups or individuals.

The Student Life Programs office facilitates all scheduling of the fleet through the use of the on-line request form. It is our goal to provide prompt, excellent service to those who request use of the Cedarville University fleet. Please contact the Student Life Programs office (ext. 7995) with any comments or questions.

Supply & Demand: A limited number of vehicles are available to service an increasing demand for transportation. As a result, the fleet is scheduled very tightly. We desire to be good stewards of the resources God has provided, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation as we strive to fulfill as many vehicle requests as possible.

Confirmation of Vehicle Requests: Requesting a vehicle does not guarantee that a vehicle will be available. Once your request has been processed, you will be notified via e-mail to confirm your request.

Appropriate Use:

  • Fleet vehicles are intended for off-campus transportation only, not to transport individuals around the campus property (with the exception of the Cargo Van, which is generally used to haul items around campus).
  • Fleet vehicles should not be used for hauling heavy or bulky items which could potentially cause damage to the interior of the vehicle. There is a special van set aside for that purpose. If you need a vehicle for such use, you may request the Cargo Van on the request form.

Use charges: The department requesting to use a Cedarville-owned vehicle will be charged on a per-mile basis for each vehicle used. Please note the vehicle charges and passenger capacities listed below:

Minimum use charge: $10 per vehicle*

$0.50/mile for 7 and 8 occupant minivans, 8 occupant vans
$0.60/mile for 12 occupant vans, Mobility Van (9 occupant limit), & Cargo Van (2 occupant limit)

* If the vehicle will not be used as intended, the reservation must be canceled before the scheduled departure time, or a $10 charge will be assessed for failure to cancel.

Note: The faculty/staff advisor for student organizations must make the reservation for their vehicle needs.

Vehicle Use Guidelines

  1. Vehicles in the fleet are to be driven by approved drivers only! 
    • Faculty and staff drivers - are approved by the Campus Safety Office once they have completed the "Cedarville University Campus Safety Vehicle Operator's License" form.
    • Student drivers - the Campus Safety Office will issue a special license to approved student drivers (a training/driving session is required for students to drive the full-size vans). Approval for student drivers is only valid for the current school year, or the dates indicated on the CU-issued license.
    • Mobility Van - a special license and specific training are required for the operation of this vehicle. See the Policy for Use of the Mobility Van in the "Other Topics" section at the end of this document.
  2. Unauthorized use of Cedarville-owned fleet vehicles will result in a $250 fine plus any other costs incurred (including mileage charges, etc.)
  3. On the day of vehicle use, you may pick up the key and travel sheet at the SSC Information Desk during regular office hours (8am-8pm) Monday through Thursday, (8am - 6pm) Friday and Saturday. For the summer come to the Student Life Programs Office between Monday to Friday (8am - 5pm) to pick up your travel sheet.
  4. Early morning departures. If your departure is scheduled on a weekday before 8am, you must pick up the key and travel sheet before 8pm (Monday through Thursday), 6pm (Friday and Saturday) on the day prior to your trip. For the summer come to the Student Life Programs Office between 8am - 5pm (Monday through Friday).
  5. DO NOT take the vehicle until the exact time your travel sheet indicates. Vehicles taken before the scheduled time will result in a warning issued to the driver and/or department. A second incident by the same driver will result in the loss of fleet use privileges for 30 days.
  6. Please return the vehicle promptly to the assigned lot at the scheduled time as indicated on your travel sheet. This is important because vehicles are scheduled very tightly, and each vehicle may be used multiple times in a given day. Vehicles returned late, or not returned to the designated parking lot, will result in a warning issued to the driver and/or department. A second incident by the same driver will result in the loss of fleet use privileges for 30 days.
  7. Accurately complete the Travel Sheet. Please record the beginning and ending odometer readings. On the bottom of the travel sheet, report any mechanical or other problems with the vehicle. In the same place, report anything that gets broken or dented.
  8. Return the vehicle key and completed travel sheet to the SSC Information Desk immediately after returning to campus. If you return to campus after business hours, there is a key drop box located at the upper-level SSC entrance. Lost keys will result in the replacement cost being charged to the department or student account.
  9. Please cancel any vehicle requests that are not needed. Go to "My Schedule", find the reservation you need to cancel, and click on the red "X" or contact the SSC Information Desk at ext. 3323 to cancel any reserved vehicles which will not be used, even if it is a last minute cancellation. This will enable another department or individual to schedule that vehicle if needed. If you have not called to cancel or if you have not come to pick up the keys within a reasonable amount of time after the scheduled pick-up time, the vehicle may be rescheduled for someone else. Failure to cancel a vehicle reservation prior to the scheduled departure time will result in a $10 charge.
  10. If the vehicle you have reserved needs gas and you are still on campus, during regular business hours go to Automotive/ Maintenance on Bridge St. to the fuel pump and they will fill it up and if it is after hours, contact the Campus Safety Officer on duty (#999 or 937-239-6491) to meet you there and fill it up. For extended trips, you may request a Fleet Gas Card. This purchasing card ($500 transaction limit and $1,000 credit limit) is authorized for fuel, towing, and mechanical repairs only. Any repairs must be pre-authorized by the CU Automotive Department. Please return the Fleet Card along with your key and travel sheet immediately upon your return to campus. Your department will be charged for any fraudulent charges that appear on the bill, so you must contact the Business Office immediately if you suspect the card has been lost or stolen.
  11. Buckle-up! Everyone riding in a Cedarville-owned vehicle must wear their seat belt. Only put as many people in any vehicle as there are seat belts in that vehicle. To do anything else is not only unsafe but also unlawful.
  12. Cell phone use by the driver is not permitted at any time during the operation of any University-owned fleet vehicle.
  13. Monitor driving habits. The individual requesting a vehicle must communicate to drivers that it is important that they do not speed or drive recklessly. Do not compromise the safety of your passengers in order to save a couple of minutes. You are responsible for the safety of your passengers. All incidents are reviewed by the Campus Safety Office and appropriate actions will be taken for any violations.
  14. Traffic/Parking Violations. Full payment of any tickets (parking, speeding, red light camera surveillance, etc.) is the sole responsibility of the driver, not Cedarville University. The Campus Safety Office will make a case-by-case determination whether a traffic violation or accident will result in the suspension or loss of driving privileges.
  15. Winter Weather. The Campus Safety Office monitors weather, road conditions, and travel advisories during the winter months and will "ground" all fleet vehicles if conditions pose a threat to safe travel. Inexperienced drivers should not operate the fleet vehicles during winter weather conditions.
  16. Accidents or Emergencies. If you have trouble on the road or have an accident, follow the instructions in the Emergency Packet inside the vehicle door or glove box and contact the Campus Safety Office as soon as possible (937-766-7992 or 937-239-6491). You must submit a completed Motor Vehicle Accident Report to the Campus Safety Office immediately upon your return to campus. Please notify the SSC Information Desk if you notice that the vehicle you are driving does not have an Emergency Packet. See Dealing with Emergencies in the "Other Topics" section at the end of this document.
  17. Off-Campus Parking. When parking the vehicles, always park in a secure area. Also, be aware of the height and maneuvrability of the full-size vans. Full size vans should not be driven in parking garages or through drive-thru's with sharp turns/corners due to the turning radius.
  18. Always clean the vehicle of any trash, roll up the windows, lock the doors, and turn-off all lights when you return to campus. Each vehicle could potentially be used several other times during any given day, and it is the responsibility of each driver to take care of the vehicles and to do their part to keep them in the best condition possible at all times. Failure to clean the vehicle will result in a $20 fine.

Other Topics

Collection of Fines: When a policy is violated which results in a fine, the driver and department representative (or budget officer) will be notified immediately, and the department will be charged through an ICF. All fines will be credited to the Business Office Fleet Account (#91000).

    Policy for Use of Mobility Van

    Purpose: This document provides specific guidelines that will serve as the primary instruction for use of the Cedarville University Mobility Van.

    General Policy Statement: The "Mobility Van" is owned and operated by Cedarville University and is to be used for university activities, not for individual or private use, and should only be utilized in the event that an individual with a disability (typically, in a wheelchair) needs to be transported.

    Licensing, Training & Scheduling:

    1. All persons operating the van must be licensed by the Campus Safety Office. Every driver/operator will be required to receive an operators training program and certification card. Only those drivers that successfully complete this program will be able to operate the vehicle. An up-to-date list of drivers will be maintained in the Campus Safety and Disability Services offices. Campus Safety will be responsible for maintaining this list.
    2. Training will be scheduled and conducted through the Campus Safety Office. 
    3. Scheduling for use of the van will go through the Vehicle Reservation System like all other vehicle requests. Authorized drivers/operators must present their certification card in order to receive the keys to the vehicle.
    4. The van will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis, unless a situation arises that requires a change as determined by a joint decision of the Campus Safety, Disability Services, and Student Life Programs
    5. All persons with disabilities who desire to be transported in the van, must be registered with the Disability Services Office.

    Specific Standards & Issues:

    1. The van will be used for "off-campus" accessibility transportation only.
    2. Individual departments or organization(s) scheduling the van will be responsible for paying the cost of the rental. They will also be responsible for supplying the driver for the activity.
    3. Loading time takes approximately 10 minutes. Those scheduling the van should provide themselves with at least 30 minutes of advance time to pick-up the van, load, and prepare for departure.
    4. The van holds up to 7 passengers with up to 2 wheelchairs for a total of 9 occupants.
    5. A check-list is provided in the van that the operator will be required to review each time the vehicle is used. The list will help to ensure that all safety procedures and loading and unloading requirements have been maintained.
    6. The Mobility Van's roof is higher than the other vans in our university fleet. Please take this into consideration before driving under any overhang.
    7. All persons who desire more information on the use of the van may contact one of the following offices:

    Disability Services - Marcy VanMeter, ext. 7437

    Campus Safety - Jim Bowersox, ext. 7994
    Student Life Programs, ext. 7955

    Dealing with Emergencies

    The following procedures are a basic guide for providing a response system to an emergency which may occur using a Cedarville-owned Fleet Vehicle.

    Definition: What is an Emergency?

    • A sudden state of danger
    • A condition requiring immediate attention
    • A life-threatening situation

    In an emergency, please take the following steps:

    1. Help anyone who is injured. Don't move the injured - send for help. Stabilize the situation.
    2. Notify the appropriate authorities - police/medical/campus (see below for numbers)
      *If a student is injured, you should present their University insurance as primary coverage and use student's home address.
    3. Document the entire incident completely using the Motor Vehicle Accident Report and continue to note the time and details of any ongoing developments as they occur. Obtain full names and addresses of those involved and witnesses. Get license numbers and makes of vehicles involved in any accident - note time, road names/intersections, and road conditions. Exchange names and insurance companies. Do not discuss whose fault the accident was. Get a police report number. If possible, take pictures of the vehicles involved and the accident scene.
    4. Inform the Campus Safety Office of any and all developments and check in at defined intervals. You must submit a completed Motor Vehicle Accident Report to the Campus Safety Office immediately upon your return to campus.

    Emergency Numbers:
         Campus Safety Office: 937-766-7992; After-hours: 937-239-6491
         Main Campus: 937-766-2211
         Automotive Department: 937-766-7779 (Open 7AM - 4PM); After-hours: 937-374-9504